The Kids Are Alright: All Ages Music in Portland, 1990-2016


Click on the image above to view the storymap.

Using a dataset crowdsourced from Portland music fans, bands and radio show hosts, we are using maps to show the history of Portland’s punk houses and small all-ages music venues from 2000-2015.

Storymap created by me (Sachi Arakawa), data analysis done in collaboration with Kyle Pangman and Matt Luschen.

More about the GIS project:  Portland’s All Ages Music Scene: A Changing Habitat

We are always looking for more photos of flyers, shows, or venues.  If you have any please send them to:

7 thoughts on “The Kids Are Alright: All Ages Music in Portland, 1990-2016

  1. Hi,
    This is really cool! Just a heads up Laughing Horse was active in that space on Burnside starting in 2006. It started hosting shows much earlier than that on Division, but I’m not sure what year it started. Thanks for your work and for this cool map!

    – Jeremy


    1. I was a resident from 02 till maybe 08. We had two locations. One was SE Milwaukee and Bush and later SE Division and 43rd. Btw’s this project is rad. If you need more info hit me up or if you need help with new locations I know a couple.


  2. Your dates for Pine St. Theater are incorrect. They were doing all-ages shows back in the 1980’s. Perhaps you are only considering dates after 2000, in which case this is more accurate. Also, the venue operated under other names over the years, as RCKNDY, and La Luna.

    Great work on this. I currently operate a project doing video documentary of Portland Punk bands and venues, and would love to talk shop with you.


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